Tournament Rules

Identification Tags

Your Houston Oilman's Tennis Tournament name tag MUST be shown to receive food
and drinks. Please be sure to wear your name tag at ALL TIMES (this applies to all player
and social guests). If your tag is lost, please notify the Registration Desk and it will be

Tournament Rules

  1. All players must register prior to playing or be subject to forfeiture of matches and eligibility.
  2. Please report in at least twenty (20) minutes before scheduled match. Court assignment will be posted on draws. A team will forfeit a scheduled match if either player arrives ten (10) minutes after the scheduled match time.
  3. The winning team will be responsible for immediately turning in match results and returning used tennis balls. Promptness here is critical to a smoothly run tournament for everyone.
  4. Please keep tournament schedules during play. They will assist you in planning for future matches, sites and times for you to eat lunch. Also, please relinquish your court to the waiting foursome quickly after your match concludes.
  5. Please limit warm-up time to five (5) minutes and all players should take warm-up serves prior to the start of the game.
  6. FORMAT of tournament play:

    a) There will be four (4) divisions in the men's play: Championship, A, B, and C.

    b) There will be four (4) divisions of mixed play: Championship, A, B, and C.

    c) There will be three (3) divisions of women's doubles, A, B, and C.

    d) All matches except for the finals in each division will be scored as follows: Play will be two (2) sets of "No-Ad" scoring. Play a 12 point tie-breaker at 6-6. In the event of split sets, a 12 point tie-breaker will be played to determine the winner. Finals will be 2 out of 3 sets regular scoring. Play a 12 point tie-breaker at 6-6.

    e) "No-Ad" scoring consists of seven (7) points per game with the winner of the game being determined by the first team to win four (4) points. In the event the score is tied 3-3 points (3-all) the receiving team has the option of selecting either the deuce or the Ad court in which to receive the serve on the seventh (7th) point. In mixed doubles, men serve to men and women to women.

    f ) Twelve (12) point tie-breakers begin with the player in sequence on team B beginning the tie-breaker (after team A had just won game 12). The player serving is in sequence from team B serves from the right (deuce) side and serves one (1) point only. Team A then serves in player sequence for two (2 ) points, beginning from the left (or Ad) side of the court. Two (2) points are served by each team for the balance of the tie-breaker until one team gets seven (7) with a two (2) point advantage. Teams change sides at the conclusion of every six (6) points.
  7. Men�s doubles teams are guaranteed three (3) matches. Each division will contain three (3) brackets-winner, first and second consolation. First round losers, in the regular competition, drop to the consolation round.
  8. Mixed doubles teams are guaranteed two (2) matches. Loser in first round will go into the consolation bracket.
  9. Women's doubles will be a round robin format.
  10. In the event of inclement weather, the tournament committee reserves the right to alter the format.